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Domestic Shipping Common Carrier Shipping

Ship letters & parcels via FedEx, UPS, DHL, & USPS

We’ll provide cost and service comparisons so you can choose the right carrier for your needs and budget.

Did you know?

  • Shipping with FedEx, UPS, or DHL ground is often cheaper than USPS Parcel Post™ and Priority Mail™
  • FedEx, UPS, and DHL have unique and complex pricing structures.  No one of the three will always have the lowest price or the fastest service.  At Prime Pack & Ship, you can compare rates and transit times for every shipment.

Letter & Parcel shipping options for FedEx and UPS

Service                           Guaranteed by…
Next Day Early am (8:30 am)
Next Day priority (10:30 am)
Next Day standard (3:00 am)
2nd Day AM (10:30 am on the 2nd day)
2nd Day (3:00 pm on the 2nd day)
3 Day (3:00 pm on the 3rd day)
Ground (1 to 5 business days)

Additional Services available with all of these options

  • Complete tracking from pick-up to delivery (included with every package)
  • Insurance against loss or damage (optional)
  • Signature required for delivery (optional)
  • Hold for pick-up (optional)
  • Appointment delivery (optional)

Freight Shipping

Parcel carriers have size and weight limits. For larger or heavier shipments, Prime Pack & Ship offers reliable freight service from a variety of carriers. From antique furniture to engines, Servers and medical equipment to 500 file boxes of company records to a 4,000 lb C&C machine, Prime Pack & Ship helps its customers with a full range of freight shipping needs.

LTL & FTL Freight

Choose from a wide selection of carriers and transit times

  • Air, Truck, and Ocean freight (LCL and FCL)
  • Lift gate service available
  • Commercial & Residential pickups & deliveries
  • Inside Pickup & Delivery

Palletizing & Shipment Preparation

  • Standard and custom size pallets
  • Custom solid wood crating
  • International-approved pallets and crates
  • Strapping, stretch-wrapping, & blocking
  • On-site service available
Example showing price & service comparison for a parcel to Los Angeles.

Frequently Asked Questions about domestic shipping

1. What is the least expensive way to ship a package? The Answer: It depends! No one carrier is always the cheapest for every weight, size, or destination. That’s why Prime Pack & Ship offers all carriers.

2. What is the heaviest package I can send? The heaviest package that FedEx and UPS will accept is 150 lbs. Prime Pack & Ship offers freight services for heavier items.

3. What is the largest package I can send? For FedEx and UPS, the maximum size is 160 inches in combined length and girth where Length is the longest dimension, and girth is double the sum of Width and Height. Therefore, if you have a box that is 36 x 24 x 12, the length and girth is 96 inches. 96 = 36 +[(24+12)x2] Prime Pack & Ship provides freight shipping services for larger items.

4. How does size affect the cost of shipping? Size matters more than ever. Carriers use a system called “Dimensional Weight” to rate packages. That means a large light package can sometimes cost more than a small heavy one. For example, a box measuring 24x24x24 will be billed as though it weighs 72 lbs unless its actual weight is greater. Smart packing can save money. At Prime Pack & Ship, we strive to save you money by packing your shipments as efficiently as possible without compromising safety

5. How much does freight shipping cost? Freight companies determine shipment cost in a different way than parcel carriers. Size and weight are primary factors, but the type of items being shipped and how they are packed also makes a difference. If you have a large amount of boxes going to the same place, freight can sometimes provide a significant savings. If you aren’t sure what shipping option is best for you, ask Prime Pack & Ship! We’ll discuss your options and find the best solution for you.

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