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eBay Sales

  • Prime Pack &Ship is an experienced eBay™ Trading Assistant
  • We handle everything from photographing and listing items for auction to the collection of payment, packaging and shipping.
  • Significantly reduced cost from traditional eBay stores

eBay Listing Service

Do you have items you’d like to sell, but can’t find the time to sell them?  Would you like to profit from eBay, but don’t know how?  Prime Pack & Ship offers an eBay Trading Assistant™ service which removes all the work and hassle.

Why should I sell my items through Prime Pack & Ship?
Prime Pack & Ship has over 3 years experience as an eBay trading assistant.  This means we’re familiar with the keywords and listing strategies that drive buyers to your items.  Additionally, our high feedback rating with eBay instills confidence in potential buyers which leads to more, and higher bids.  Finally, our ability to ship anywhere in the world makes your items available to the over 150 million eBay users worldwide.

How does it work?
Simply bring the items you’d like to sell to us.  Prime Pack & Ship will…

  • Take quality digital photos
  • List your items on eBay
  • Answer questions from potential buyers
  • Handle the collection of payment
  • Pack and ship the item to the buyer
  • Write you a check!

What does it cost?
Our commission is 25% of the sale price after eBay’s final value fee. (For example, if your sells for $100, you will receive $71.39.)

There are two service options

  • Basic Service:  We will list your item with an opening bid of up to $9.99.  Your item will be listed for 7 days with a scheduled start time to maximize visibility.  There is no fee if your item fails to sell.
  • Premium Service:  Set your own starting price!  We will also extend your auction to 10 days and schedule the start time to maximize your item’s visibility.  The additional cost for Premium service is $5.00 per listing.  Note that this is non-refundable if the item does not sell.

Who pays for shipping?
The buyer is responsible for all packaging and shipping costs, which are pre-calculated when we list your items.

How do I get paid?
Once we receive payment for an item, we simply deduct our commission and write you a check!  If you list multiple items with us, we will generally wait until we have collected payment for all of your items.

What can I sell?
Items that consistently do well on eBay include personal electronics, computers, sporting goods and sports memorabilia, tools, designer clothing (with tags),  collectables, and vintage items.  Furniture, books, record albums, and un-branded items generally do not sell.   Illinois law prevents eBay Trading Assistants from selling vehicles, property, or time-shares.
Please note that Prime Pack & Ship has a minimum item value of $25.00 and may refuse to sell any item.

What will my item sell for?
A general rule is that if you sell a used item for 50% of its new value, you have done well.  However, eBay is a complex market, and the only way to get a reliable notion on an item’s projected sale price is to search eBay for similar items and see how they have done.  Remember that eBay is an auction service, so there are no guarantees that an item will sell, or sell for a certain price.

How do I prevent my item from selling for too little?
Use Prime Pack & Ship’s premium service and set a minimum opening bid.  This guarantees that your item will sell for at least that amount.

How do I view my items once they are listed?
Find us on eBay here:

Can I bid on my own items?
No!  This is an unethical practice called “shill bidding.”  

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