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This state-of-the-art packaging is perfect for sensitive and fragile items and can be used in conjunction with stock boxes, custom boxes, or crates.  Unlike other packaging, this molded foam will not settle or allow items to shift during transit.

Custom Wood Crates

Sturdy and reusable, Prime Pack & Ship’s crates are constructed to your exact specifications with new materials.  Each panel is glued, stapled, and screwed.  The top and one side are removable for easy access, and because they are fastened with screws rather than nails, they are easy to open and reusable.  Each crate is custom-designed to fit your product—maximizing protection while minimizing shipment cost.

  • On and off-site crating
  • Packaging options include foam-in-place
  • Lockable, hinged, and roll-away options
  • Export crating
  • Virtually no limit on size
  • Single crates or large quantity
  • Fast turn-around time


Moving?  We have everything you need!

  • Over 30 popular box sizes including Art, Wardrobe, and Glass Pack boxes
  • Bubble wrap – our every day price is half what you’ll pay at office supply chains!
  • Packing peanuts
  • Tape & Tape Dispensers
  • Buyback guarantee – Not sure how many boxes you need? We will buy back your unused boxes for the full purchase price.

Save 25% off  boxes when you buy 10 or more

Wholesale Shipping Supplies

If your business orders shipping supplies in bulk quantities, you can save as much as 25% off competitors’ wholesale prices by ordering from Prime Pack & Ship.

Choose from over 700 box sizes, including multi-depth, double-wall, and white cartons. Padded mailers,  bubble wrap, foam wrap, anti-static products, foam peanuts, tape, stretch film, steel and poly strapping, labels and more are all available for next business day delivery.
Free Shipping on orders over  $500!

Packaging Services & Supplies

Come to the packaging experts!  Prime Pack & Ship is a preferred packaging & shipping provider for several auction houses and manufacturers. Its experienced staff handles everything from still-wet oil paintings and ceramic sculpture to valuable antiques, to precision medical and industrial equipment.  Whether you need an envelope, a box, or a custom solid wood crate with foam-in-place packaging, Prime Pack & Ship can help!
  • We pack art, antiques, fragile items, electronics, grandfather clocks, heavy equipment, and more!
  • Dual-wall custom cartons
  • Custom wood crates
  • Pallets & skids
  • Foam-in-place packaging
  • Economical boxes & envelopes
  • Wholesale quantity supplies
Prime Pack & Ship has packaged…
  • A Stradivarius Violin
  • A $75,000 oil painting bound for Sotheby’s in Paris
  • Forklift engines bound for Argentina
  • A 4,000 lb gear checker
  • Color copier workstations
  • A Gas Chromatograph
  • Chiropractic tables
  • Medical diagnostic equipment
  • A 36” diameter crystal chandelier.
  •  …and much more

Custom Boxes

A space and cost-saving alternative to cumbersome boxes or crates, custom boxes are double-wall 275# test and can be made to fit all manner of large or unusually sized items.

Economical Packaging

Bulk packaging, foam peanuts, bubble wrap, and foam wrap are all available.  A shipment which does not require high-end packaging is not treated with low-end importance.  Trust Prime Pack & Ship to handle every shipment with care. 

Pallets & Skids

When you don’t need a crate for your freight shipment, Prime Pack & Ship offers palletization services.  Every pallet we ship is strapped and stretch-wrapped .  Standard 48” x 40” as well as custom sized pallets are available.   Full-service palletization is available on-site as well as at our facility



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